Friday, 13 March 2015

Long view

I so much fun this afternoon. I went across the way for an art class taught by a lady named Betty Foote.

This was the example she brought along:

I did not achieve this lofty goal but I sure enjoyed the learning process.

First we did some practice.

Just one colour and white of the water based oil paint.

My work pre instructor touch up at the end though she had already helped move the rocks around. Perspective is not my forte. Well I had also added some of the grass on the bottom but she totally rescued my deciduous tree.

She was great, when she absolutely couldn't rescue someone's painting she would say kindly "well you were going for the impressionist period I guess- nothing wrong with that."

Just so I don't forget: make an X in the middle of your picture and don't paint anything there. The further away things are the smaller they should be. The sky is always darker at the top unless you want it to look like there's a storm coming. But everything else is darker the closer you get to the bottom.

I can't wait to try again on some of my drawing apps. I'm just not good with actual paint. I had been home for an hour and there was a ton of cat hair in my picture and this happened:

In related news I plucked my chin tonight.

I continued to have fun with the picture on my tablet.

I should've moved the animals around as well but I was just playing around. When you add a Lego pirate ship I think realism has sailed. Here it is to music.

It continues to be a balmy weather.

Today's art class made looking at trees even more interesting to me.

Harry headed out today!

Only to be stymied by mud.


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