Saturday, 21 March 2015

Toddler round up

This is the picture I've used a lot in the past little while to be somewhere I am not while I wait for the pain from my super-duper-atomic-wedgie-from-hell to decrease rather than accelerate as it is still doing. Think wearing pointy jagged stiletto shoes that are 4 sizes too small - except not on your feet. Ha that doesn't make any sense but it's as close as I can come to describing it.

I wish I could give a photo credit but that's been lost along the way.

Ah well pain is part of it and it won't last forever.

Little Rebekah from out east who just turned two celebrated spring with a ski-doo ride. They have really been hammered by snow this year. Rebekah's mom Jennifer is a nurse and has become a super hero just in getting to and from work!

Rebekah loves wearing her daddy's boots so they thought they'd give his coat a whirl too.

Minion hat by my niece Annette who made my shark and monkey hats.

Spring is more apparent out west where Lorelai lives.

Except they had a big snow yesterday too.

Puppy love:

Lizzy in Scotland has some real spring flowers.

Guess what? Lizzy and her mom and dad are coming to see us in 2 weeks! Something to look forward to for sure. And Brent and Joannie are coming too! Can for sure make it through the next little while with those carrots at the end of the stick!

Cooper has become "ooper oper" ready to save the day!

Oops breaking news: today Cooper said his name with the C!

Just a brief step outside for some fresh air today.

Very excited because Melissa took my big camera in to be cleaned today. So very grateful!

And Harry? Well Harry continues to be the worlds most supportive cat.

Wherever I am that's where he is.


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