Thursday, 12 March 2015


One more swim to hold me for a while.

I was telling Emily about an app called Cute cut. Terrible name but really neat video editor. I started making this little movie to show her some of what it can do but when I added the music to her graceful movements it became something more.

You can see it here. It's very calming.

Things are starting to melt around here.

Remember this?

I said that the green fish under the net represented the cancer and I didn't mean it or my body any harm but it needs to be on its way.

That particular tableaux has been out in the elements.

Well today things were really melty.

But everything was in place except for one thing.

Cool huh.

I think we have a love match going on here:

Monkey isn't that great of a steerer.

Prince Harrison graced the porch with his presence today. He disapproves of snow but he disapproves even more heartily of the sound of snow melting rapidly so today was the first day that he ventured out.

Ceramic kitty lost his tail in an ice chopping accident.

That's okay he was already broken in half you just can't see that. Might be able to use his head somehow.

As you can see one of the other pirate guys is finally living his true Fabio self with the girl pirates hair. I loved my fortune cookie today.


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