Saturday, 14 March 2015

Blasts from 2006

Didn't do a lot today except finish a good book and make jello. So instead of the usual here are a nest of pictures from 2006 that Henry found on photobucket tonight. Enjoy!

Turns out I thought I had been downloading them but I hadn't been. So here are just a few. This is something I can do after my surgery from my easy chair so there will be lots more then.

Melissa made this:

2006 was heavily into my framing everything phase.

Ok I have to look at my jello then go to bed. I can smell the blue one through the fridge and that's not a good thing! Tomorrow is clear fluids then Monday is surgery. I have to be in Hamilton at 6 am Monday! I'm still pretty calm just really want this in the past. Waiting is getting really old. But hey I get to see Tilly the puppy tomorrow!

Talk to you tomorrow.


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