Sunday, 22 March 2015

Christmas in March

Today I got to see my friends Kathy and Maureen for the first time in months!

It was like Christmas in March in Williams! Kathy was back from the land of Mickey and brought me a ton of cool things.

Mint M & M's! Shark t shirts and key chains.

And a real shark tooth! I'm for sure going to wear it in times like the current pain-in-the-butt stage when I need courage. It'll certainly be less conspicuous than my orange and white pirate shirt.

Kathy also designed and knit me two awesome hats!

I'll take some less blurry pictures another day.

And did I mention mint M & M's?

Black and white joy cake!

Maureen being a teacher had done me the kindness while I tried to stay healthy enough for surgery of staying away from me while 70% of her students had the plague in its various manifestations. Every Friday though there was a thoughtful little gift at my backdoor.

We three have been emailing up storm but real face to face time can't be beat!

I had to turn on my heat again today but we sure can't complain compared to the weather our friends out east are having. Hope spring finds you soon!


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