Sunday, 15 March 2015

Of puppies and jello

I don't really like Jello. But I'm willing to play with if I have to.

Word to the wise if you have your water boiling really really hard from the microwave and you pour in blue jello it will rise up in a violent inky cloud of steam and almost take off your hand.

And then even worse, it will stink.

The red and orange were much more cooperative.

I washed up the Lego and proceeded to play.

Glow in the dark watermelon flavored pirate joined the crew.

I have to say upon reflection I regret these pre surgery colour choices.

The water was going to be green but I do not have the fortitude to eat or smell lime Jello.

Morning came and the ocean was pretty tempt us to us tempt us to us to test to us tempestuous. Thank you Siri.

Lead the way friend shark!

Last night Harry expressed both his interest and contempt for my art.

And then he had his feet and bum washed because it is still wet.

By the way that's not toilet paper its the bandages I use to wrap around his peacock feathers to keep them together.

After jello it was time to visit Susan and Tilly!

I didn't have my big camera because it was winging its way to Toronto hopefully to be cleaned! I'm so excited about that. No time like the present to be without it.

There are rather more selfies of me than I'd like but that's where Tilly camped out so that where the fun was.

Tilly loves to selfie just like any young girl.

Tilly was ready for her close-up again.

We put Tilly's harness on her for the first time.

It was not a problem!

Then another first Tilly and next door neighbour Zee meet:

Not a problem either.

How do you do?

Thanks for the puppy therapy Susan!

When I got home I found a loving note and this!

Annette had dropped it off when she picked up my camera.

Shark hat for the way down to remind me to be assertive and monkey had to celebrate the way home.

I can't thank you enough for all your thoughts and prayers and love and patience. Karen will update to Facebook and hopefully I'll have wifi by evening. The plan is one night in hospital then home.

Much love!


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