Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Thanksgiving 2006

I have had a pretty good day today. No fever and pain within the realm of reason. Although that could certainly still improve by a long stretch. I do feel like I've turned the corner towards getting better.

I thought I would show you the pictures from 2006 that I found in a web album a few weeks ago.

It's appropriate that some of them are of Mary Lynn because tomorrow, April 1 is her birthday.

A lot of these pictures are from Thanksgiving 2006 when Mary Lynn and Heather were visiting. There were lots and lots of games just like there will be this coming Easter weekend when Heather and Brent are visiting!

We'll try not to bore Heather:

Emily and her spot box.

Don't remember what the hats were about but I'm sure they were something Caleb prepared.

Still more pictures from that album but that's it for tonight. Happy April fools day. I don't think ML minded sharing her birthday with this event though there were very few people less likely to ever tell you a lie than her!


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