Thursday, 5 March 2015

Snow jumping with Max

Max and Al came over today but first a few pictures from swimming last night.

I was never this flexible. Emily is working hard on her dancing and it's paying off.

It's almost Karen's birthday!

She already has the best gifts :-)

Toady I was nervous about the uneven ice on my porch so I put in an email to my brother Al and within the hour he was there with an ice breaker and soup and Max. I have the best family!

I'd like to say Max was running happily to see me...

But he veered off onto a neighbour's path.

We lured him back into the light with a few pieces of bread. He'd rather have bread than steak.

All that jumping was for a few pieces of bread :-)

Thanks guys!

Earlier in the afternoon I had my first real freezing fail. I froze the skittles that Caleb gave me last night hoping for some nice bright colours.

My fingers smelled good though.

I thought maybe these colours would start running in the thaw:

Turns out our one day thaw is over. It was cold again today.

But the sun was great!

Today we went back to the proper way for this cat to go outside. I've been letting him step out without a leash because it's too cold for him to go anywhere but that will change.

He assured me he did not need the leash.

But eventually assumed the position.

We were outside for all of 30 seconds but we're back in training!


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