Saturday, 7 March 2015

Lady Lego and birthday fun - best title that's going to happen at 3:30 am

Awesome day celebrating Karen's birthday and playing with Cooper!

I think Ozzy has the most beautiful eye colour ever.

Kicken the slush off.

We went to one of the happiest places on earth:

I only had one shot at this picture and its a little blurry

But it is nevertheless triumphant!

In case anyone thinks it terribly weird for a nearly 55 year old like me to be playing with Lego, and yeah I kind of do too, I would like to enter exhibit A:

Lego is basically just 3D puzzles. I love that set of birds. They look simple but let me tell you that small things are generally harder than large and anything made for over age 8 is a challenge. How cool would they look with real cherry blossoms?

Stay tuned for my book: How To Wait For And Recover From Cancer Surgery By Playing With Lego Pirates And Sharks At Any Age. Assuming the title isn't already taken of course.

I asked the nice young man if they sold girl pirates and he said yes. But when he went to look they had sold out. Never mind I bought this set instead:

And here she is!

(Not sure why her friend is trying to put out a fire with a fish though.)

Tomorrow she gets her choice of pirate paraphernalia and clothing.

Sadly her hair is too big to wear a hat so she might have to lose it for a while. At least they are putting girl characters in sets that are not pink. It's a start, but come on hats are the bomb!

Coop's favorite was this little phone. He called Grandma many times.

He didn't want anything else but it was a little hard to leave it behind.

But he graciously left it for the dinosaur to play with.

There's another whole new area for birthday parties now which is new to me. It was closed but had a very cool pirate.

Coop noticed right away that he was missing his hand and or hook.

We could hardly leave to go have dinner with Karen but the lure of eating more icicles pulled us out of the store.

It was snowing and I didn't have a coat on but it was all the way up to zero so I felt really warm!

I'm a little ashamed of how few pictures I have of Karen but the few I have are really nice.

We weren't sure how long Cooper would last in a restaurant but he did great. French fries and ketchup were a hit!

Even the hard mint candy was enjoyed thoroughly.

Here's where I should have another picture of Karen blowing out candles but she resisted dessert so after a few false starts we sang happy birthday. Please enjoy some blurry out takes from the video :-)

Happy Birthday Karen!

Told you it was a great day.


This just me waiting for the bus in high school:

Well, less the bikini.

Thanks Jo and Susan. My birds are likely Purple or Rose Finches:

This supposed to be really good:

More pictures and fun instructions for the snow ice cream here.

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