Friday, 6 March 2015

A voyage

What do you get on a day when you don't feel like going for a walk because it's still really cold but you open the door anyway and find the sun and that your friend has dropped off some pirate map serviettes?

Why a pirate Odyssey of course. So you set out.

And you figure you might as will treat the neighbors in the back of the building to your own particular brand of crazy too.

Sometimes your sail falls off and that's okay.

Sometimes your map blows away, and that's not the end of the world either. You have 19 more at home plus also this one is a little snotty because the photographer should have put more kleenexes in her pocket. Is frozen snot still gross?

Eventually you get back on track.

But it's just too windy.

And you lose the map/plot again.

And your sail. This is when you realize you left your sharks at home.

But you still have your crazy laughing monkey and your pirate friend so you are okay.

And sometimes you run aground.

But your crazy life-loving monkey is still laughing while steering with his tail and your pirate friend has moved over to stand beside you.

So you find the snotty plot again.

And sail home.

The end

The cardinal was in his tree today but in deep cover and not open for posing so I left him alone and enjoyed these birds. I used to think the reddish one was a female or young cardinal but they would still have crests and I'm pretty sure this is a couple. Anybody know what kind of birds they are?

The good guy boat gets to stay outside in the elements. (I'd care more if someone walked off with the pirates)

Ship in a bottle?


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