Tuesday, 28 April 2015

2 days

Get your scrolling fingers warmed up. We have a ways to go.

Bug patrol!

Convinced he can get at them from behind.

If you don't understand it it doesn't exist.

Got out one of my coolest birthday presents the other night.

Gonna have lots of fun with these. Thanks Kathy!

Caught this squirrel on the way over to camera club. I was so excited that I was way too early. Luckily I ran into Susan and Tilly to kill a bit of time. It is a mark of my excitement that I did not take a picture of Tilly!

Photography club was lots of fun and I learned a lot. Our next assignment is to take pictures of things that mean spring to us. Shouldn't be a problem :-)

Immediately upon leaving the class birds started posing for me. No way would I have seen this one without the sound effects.

Talk about camouflage!

This lady announced her visit too.

I liked the tree she chose to sit in.

She flew away and Mr. flew in just a branch away from where she had been. (Wondering now if that's a young male cardinal instead of a female?)

Finally a clear shot with no twigs in the way which meant I could use autofocus.

Moving on but he's easy to follow.

Love this kind of tree. It's my favourite in the fall too. This is its Animal from Seasame Street phase.

You can count on this robin couple to hang out in the same place every day.

Mrs posed nicely.

I love when the sunlight lights lights.

And flowers.

Moving on to today.

First things first! I had my first experience here! Thanks Mary!

Mary was sporting sandals so of course that called for ice cream.

Full disclosure we were planning to go in anyway :-)

Raspberry coconut peanutbutter cup cheesecake. I regret the peanutbutter cup as it overwhelmed the other ingredients. Live and learn.

Mary is a praline caramel purist.

Moving on.

Even the fake flowers had a hard winter. A moments silence for my friends and family out east who had snow today bringing them to over 500 cm of the white stuff in Pei this winter!

Pre dandelion yellow:

Found some crocuses in the bug garden. Enjoyed the last day before the bugs are likely back strong.

We were told that it's good to get down on the level of your subject because it's not a view we usually see and since that's not happening with my knees I tried to look down from the top.

Not easy with a 300-75 lens because you can't be close but fun to try to focus while on your tip toes.

Whew! We made it. Thanks for hanging in there. You get 5 funnies!


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