Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Well that was a nice spring

Feeling sporty enough today to do my laundry. I wasn't going to to go out to walk because it's gray and cold but then at 7 pm the sun came out and I remembered that I like cold bug-free weather so away I went.

Late-day light is pretty special.

It's supposed to get colder and maybe snow so I think this tulip might be sorry for over achieving.

Seeing this jet reminded me that Heather and Lizzy made it home although they missed their connecting flight from Dublin because their plane was late. Heather said Lizzy did really well and slept a lot. And I have no doubt that when she was awake she charmed everyone in sight.

Harry braved the brisk too.

I liked how the setting sun lit my neighbour's Christmas lights.

All the plants are overnighting close to the house to stay warm.

Lizzy enjoying a "car" at the airport.


1 comment:

  1. Over achieving tulip! Made me giggle! :)

    Spring is on its way here in the Maritimes, I actually have crocuses blooming!