Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter joy

Hello! I hope each of you had a wonderful Easter. I myself feel like I am blessed to a ridiculous degree. Especially today.

I don't dare sit down at my computer and start looking at pictures from my big camera or I would be up all night. But yay my big camera came home to roost without the big black blotch! Big thanks to Melissa for finding me a place in Toronto that cleaned it for me.

For tonight I will just post pictures from my iPod as well as some pictures that Anne emailed me.

How often do you get a snow ball whistling past your ear on your way out for Easter sushi? Awesome fun!

Back to my place to meet up with the non sushi folk.

It was the day for a lot of selfies as people tried my new selfie stick. It made for a lot of fun pictures!

Pretty far away eh?

First selfie with a jet lagged Lizzy!

Ava with my cool pirate souvenir that Anne brought back from her cruise for me.

Seanie and his Dad trying out the selfie stick.

Me trying to get in the picture too.

So thrilled to be in the same picture as Heather.

Anne was in Grandma heaven being in the same room as all 5 of her grandchildren!

Lizzy's a mover and a shaker. Always on the go!

No problem, I had lots of great photographers on staff!

Lots of fun and games on the go.

Mary showed these people how it's done!

Brent and Joannie tried out their new crokinole board.

So much fun to chat with Gary about his Aberdeen football (soccer to us) club. The Dons have been doing really well since Lizzy was born. Gary and Heather are off to New York for a few days then Gary will fly home and Heather will visit here for a while yet. Lizzy did very well on the flight from Scotland and was only really unhappy when not allowed to roam the aisles.

Thanks to my photo assistants and selfie enthusiasts!

Some pictures from Anne's camera:

Little cousins meeting was the best. They were unbelievably sweet, gentle and loving!

Little Gray doling out the sweetest bye byes. Those curls!

Coop arriving after a nap:

And Anne and Len's wonderful family:

The poker game took place later over at Henry's house. I was good to myself and stayed home to rest up for tomorrow although I would have loved to go.

An early update had Caleb in the lead...

But this is who ended up the victor!

Yay Joannie!

Off to bed to rest up for whatever fun tomorrow brings.


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  1. Enjoyed looking at this one again tonight