Friday, 24 April 2015

Surprise visit

Hey if you want to see Karen's chorus sing in competition in Michigan tomorrow afternoon - Saturday April 25, tune in at this link by 3:09 pm! I watched their quartets sing tonight and the were awesome and placed fourth and fifth! Very exciting!

I didn't get out till after 5 today and that's ok because the light was great.

Love this little cedar tree because it came out of my friend Dora's garden.

Met a lovely robin couple.

Mrs was nearly as colourful as Mr.

But Mr fairly shone.

No telling how many pictures of robins you'd be seeing tonight if these two hadn't made an awesome surprise visit!

Playing store. I asked him if he had any pretend cat food and he shook his head sadly. Then ran over to the corner, rummaged around, came back saying cat food!

Too cold to play outside long.

Practicing sad and angry faces and laughing between each one.

Such a wonderful surprise visit! Words are blossoming. I love to hear my name and got a hug and kiss today :-)

I'm not sure I'm crazy about Facebook's cheerful - look what you were doing last year today. Too sad, though it was a lot of fun.

Still haven't edited those scenery pictures of Peggie's cove.


That's not true I enjoyed it very much!

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