Thursday, 23 April 2015

Update and join the club

There was snow on the ground when we left this morning but nothing to slow us down on our way to Hamilton.

I wore my shark tooth to remind me to take my time and ask all my questions which I did.

The pathology report said that Dr Elit the surgeon was able to establish a border around all of the cancer which is very good although not quite as wide of a border in some places as would be ideal. But I'll take that and move forward. In the short term she was not able to remove the stitches that are bugging me because they are too deep so I'll have to wait them out.

So basically could be better could be worse. I have to decide to take hold of the better and run with it. I'll do that tomorrow when I've had some sleep.

Monday I am excited to join a photography club that takes place once a month across the way. I missed the first session in March that was on taking portraits but got the homework assignment. We have to email or bring 5 or 6 pictures. Which is a pretty tough choice. These were some of the finalists:

Please excuse the poor cropping/composition. These pictures were mostly taken from square Facebook profile pictures. No way could I sit long enough to look through thousands and thousands of pictures on my hard drives.

A lot of these pictures were take with regular point and shoots back in the day so you certainly don't need a big camera. You just have to always have your camera with you.

Big sparkly send off to Karen and Jo and the rest of Grand Harmony Chorus as they leave for a weekend of contest in the states! Sparkle Babies! Knockem over with those false eye lashes and gold pants!


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