Saturday, 25 April 2015


Wow what a day! I spent most of it in Dearborn Michigan via live feed. I watched my little sister and dear friend Jo and some of the most awesome ladies I've ever met sing and dance their hearts out under the amazing leadership of a man named Chris Arnold who is the best sport ever.

If you don't mind a video of a video you can see their performance if you click here.

Please excuse my reflection in the first part and it was only a miracle that my cat didn't reach over and turn off the live feed because he wanted to play his bug swatting game on the iPad.

Despite the poor quality of the video I dare you to not see that these 42 people left it all on the stage. And the girl on the far left was, in my considered opinion, stellar. And I'm not just saying that because she's going to bring me back some mint M & M's!

Amazingly enough they did not medal although they came in 6 out of 16th. I can only think it's because they didn't play it safe and sing the same old tired songs as everyone else. I think they won anyway. They have the best time and they are genuinely the nicest most positive people I know and I absolutely could not be any prouder.

Okay back to pictures of me walking my cat. It was a beautiful day especially later on our second walk.

They're still alive!

Well just.

Just missed the leap from the skinny branches to the roof. Next time I hope.

This is my little friend Kiwi. He's a Yorkie and kinda my friend Tilly, who is a Morkie's uncle.

Kiwi is a retired puppy daddy living the life of leisure with my friend Geri.

Speaking of Tilly, gonna be so fun running in to her all summer like I did today!

I dragged Harrison out again and put on a lighter coat!

I swear I could see that the grass was longer! And just as delicious!

I don't know what to say about my pain levels. Kinda up and down. One of these days I'll be able to say it's all good I just know it.

Good night


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