Monday, 20 April 2015

Chasing spring

Had a really great walk today. Always happy when there's warm rain. Hope you're not too sick of the pansies that Mary gave me. I love them and I'm going to buy some yellow ones to keep them company.

Broannie's hyacinths are still going strong as well.

Always love to get their hind feet in the air.

I heard this guy all along the back of the building but never saw him until he flew up and announced himself point blank.

Ran into some good friends next!

Tilly's had a hair cut!

Our friend Zee was out too!

Harry finally got outside and lasted about three minutes in the drizzle.

But I went out again to chase spring.

Had to look at the pansies again cause the sun showed its face. Sun plus rain drops is my favourite. Maybe I never see the rainbows because I'm not looking up. That's okay.

Picture found in one of Henry and Marcia's photo albums last night of Karen and Dad and me. I'm rocking the dark glasses AND a perm!


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