Friday, 17 April 2015

Three days

I'm wary of saying this because I've said it before and been wrong, but I am starting to have a lot less pain. Not no pain, but certainly heading in the right direction. Yay!

Just in time to go hear Karen and her purple sparkly ladies sing tomorrow! Double yay!

Hafta get caught up on backing up my non Lizzy pictures. But don't worry there are lots more to come.

I know we saw this on Facebook but Tilly and Harry's first meeting went very well. Harry has no problem with little dogs or large ones for that matter except Max who has never had his nose boxed and therefore comes in all guns blazing.

Anyway both parties were very calm and that bodes well for running into each other on walks.

Loved how Tilly matches my shoes!

Only known this little girl for a few weeks but I already love her. How could you not?

Today was made very special by lunch with wonderful friends. They celebrated my birthday with among other things this luscious peach dessert!

Thank you!


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