Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A day with Broannie

Last Monday was an awesome day spent with Brent and Joannie.

They started out with a game of laser quest where they played a warm up game not unlike Bobbity Bop Bop. You can tell Caleb is in the zone.

And he won among the whole group!

Next we all won at Sports Check because we were able to use Joannie's friends and family discount!

My new shoes!

Then to Dairy Queen for an early birthday treat.

Next we went to Mom and Dad's gravesite. There will be a small marker with Mary Lynn's name on their grave. A place we can go when we want to gather and remember all together.

I love this tree that is near by.

Time for basketball at Karen and Mike's.

Mad Max arrives.

Cooper's very first Kinder Surprise egg was a giant one! He had watched YouTube videos of kids opening them but never experienced it in real life.

Something new like this is very intense and must be studied carefully.

Not only did Annette and the girls bring the egg, Annette resized his minion hat.

Thanks hat maker Annette!

Cooper then became very busy making coffee for people. He absolutely loves running Keurig machines and is very sad when nobody wants another one. Obviously he doesn't carry the hot cups but he's very adept at everything else. It's really cute!

After a delicious supper there was only really time for one more game of balderdash. It wasn't quite as sober as these pictures show but we missed Mom and Mary Lynn laughing till they shook.

Mary Lynn was playing too though. Some of her answers were in the box and Brent added one to a round so she got some points. I don't think she'll ever not be with us when we play family games.

It was wonderful to have Joannie and Brent with us and we missed them before they even left.

I am still waiting for the surgery pain to subside but Henry has figured out a new chair pillow for me so I hope to be able to edit more pictures soon. Today Mary drove me all over creation to appointments and we even stopped at a nursery. You'll be seeing lots of these Pansies soon!

More Lizzy tomorrow!


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