Sunday, 19 April 2015

Wednesday at the farm

A really great day hanging out in Henry and Marcia's back yard to spend every second with Heather and Lizzy that we could before they fly off tomorrow.

No sitting power leftover to edit pictures from today but I can show you the ones from Wednesday evening that are already done.

Caleb drove in the lane successfully again.

I love how much the big kids love the little ones.

Caleb's size 13's are a tad larger than Lizzy's. Or almost larger than Lizzy period.

Wasn't feeling well enough to traipse about outside but no problem Emily to the rescue for taking pictures.

Emily got to help out with Lizzy's bath too.

Here are some pictures from Anne's camera too.

And a few from Heather's.

Love this one:

It was sad to say goodbye to Heather and Lizzy today but they are coming again in July and in the meantime Lizzy made lots of kisses for us today to tide us over.


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  1. Saved a lot of these. I have one more bunch to work with soon.