Thursday, 16 April 2015

Monday with Heather and Lizzy

So feeling a little better plus a newly designed sitting pillow has allowed me to look at my pictures of Lizzy from Monday. There are one or two :-)

Monday's trip to Hamilton started very early but Lizzy already found her smile.

Lizzy immediately captured the heart of everyone at the jurivinski cancer centre.

After my appointment we found a coin collector in some fine light.

We hopped back into the car and back at my house it was so much fun to watch Harry and Lizzy meet. Or should I say Patch and Lizzy. Any small animal is a Patch, named after Gary's parents dog :-)

Harry/Patch showed off with all his smoothest moves. He heartily loves calm toddlers!

We headed out to amble over to the play park.

We laughed at straight lines and toddled along. And every where there were cars glorious cars!

Love the little ambling shadow too.

Play park!

The slide. Not my finest hour.

No pictures coming down the slide because Lizzy picked the tallest one and I told myself, forget the camera Ruth, and catch the little girl coming down the slide. So that's what I did. I forgot the camera, caught the little sweetheart and then, having forgotten the camera, promptly bashed her in the face with it as I lifted her up.


She had a little cry but it was nothing a cracker in each hand couldn't fix.

The volunteers at the cancer centre would not let Lizzy leave without a lollipop or two. And I took a billion pictures which I am incapable of choosing just a few from.

It her first time with a lollipop so Heather showed her what to do.

Didn't take long to see the point!

Love the two handed hold!

Shadow again :-)

Making everyone who walks past smile and wave!

She's even cute when mourning the putting away of the lolly.

But the thrill of closing a door or gate over-rides the loss.

Such fun people to visit the doctor with!


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