Wednesday, 22 April 2015

D-earth [day] of spring

A very happy day for Caleb as he got to pick out a long board in this store.

If you're a 55 year old non urban female person like me, a long board is quite different from a skate board because, and I assume there are other key reasons as well, it's longer. But even I can tell this one is very cool.

Matt the ever supportive friend. I think he was as excited as Caleb!

Happy travels or whatever the equivalent in cool language that would be!

Emily always has a new move and will even more so after this summer as she is excited to be taking acro. You'll be seeing more of that when I show you Sunday's pictures.

Time for some nail art.

Tada! It's spring!

Outside things were not as spring like. Snow off and on all day, colder tonight.

The tulips remain undaunted.

I was excited to see a bird fly into a nest today. I usually only see squirrel nests.

I was only presented with the tail view no matter what angle...

Until I tried my best squirrel call imitation. That got me some beak.

I guess I wasn't considered a real threat because mama bird went back to work.

Spider-Man squirrel!

Harry came come out in the cold too.

But not for long.

Here's what we have right now:

Hopefully nice for our trip to Hamilton tomorrow. The pathology is back so we'll see what's what. Hoping she'll take a few more stitches out too. I've had enough of them to say the very least.


Harry is very very patient but not THIS patient:

But my cat Mosey would have loved swinging! She liked nothing more (other than biting everyone but me) than a ride in a basket or grocery bag. She loved it when my brother swung her around over his head.

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