Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Early birday

Today's weather was yucky and grey, kinda freezing rain, a good day to sort pictures. But I opened my back door for one second and behold:

Every year I have to look up again how robins find worms because it really looks like they are listening for them. Turns out they have their heads cocked because they are taking a close look and their eyes are at the side of their head.

One robin can eat 14 feet of worms a day. I totally believe that because this guy ate 6 worms in the three minutes I was watching him.

So thanks Mr Robin for the visit right to my door!

And thanks to Mike and Karen and the kids for making a very special pre birthday evening. We're not sure when I can start swimming again but tonight was so much fun I didn't miss it. Especially because our friend Matt was able to come too. Emma wanted to come too but she had dance. She sent along a special gift anyway.

I am fortunate to not only have my nieces and nephews but to love their friends as well!

A beautiful handmade duct tape card.

And a whole bag full of gifts that could not have been picked for anyone but me.

Hummingbird feeder!!!

Love the words on this notepad.

The word "flourish" especially jumps out at me!

Grilled cheese in the toaster!

A sparkly purple pen that:

A: is a regular pen
B: is a iPad stylus and
C: reminds me of the lovely lovely ladies in Karen's chorus!

Even some special catnip gifts for Harry!

Everyone knows that eating burgers at Wimpy's means obligatory unhinging of the jaw first bite pictures.

Go Matt!

Tandem first bite!

Last but not least...

And a trip to Costco for garbage bags and chicken and a twist cone to top off the day!

Thanks guys!


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