Friday, 3 April 2015

Grey day gratitude

Today I saw my first robin! I know they've been around for a while but I haven't been outside a lot.

Last year the robins were so thick that you'd have been hard pressed to take a picture of a tree and not have a robin or three show up. (This first picture is from last year.) But hey, maybe they are waiting for sunshine and my newly cleaned camera to come home to me on Sunday!

click here to see a blog entry with lots of robins from last year just before I left to fly out east to be ML's caregiver. It's startling to see a comment from her at the bottom and feel how very recent and yet decades away last April feels. I don't know but I think I may always be more triggered by spring about ML than November when she died.

It was such a concentrated time we had together. Three solid weeks of almost always being in the same room. Me a solitary cat lady hanging on for dear life to an amazing extroverted solid bundle of light and love and energy. At times that was a bit much but I will always cherish it. She told me that she loved being the subject of my blog and I feel like by going back and reading the blog entries from the whole month of April you can be there with us too if you want to.

Today's walk was special because my brother Henry walked with me. We tried to talk Harry into joining us but he declined.

We saw this robin and a few really big crows.

It's a grey day...

but I decided that instead of thinking about that and the stitches bullying their way to the surface like slivers that you just have to wait out, I will think of things that I am grateful for. Not the least of which is that I am sitting in a nice warm bath writing this. Sponge baths and baths on a bench get the job done but there's nothing better than a real wallow!

I would be writing all day and night if I actually wrote down everything I have to be grateful for but a God who I don't understand but nevertheless love and friends and family and pets who are family top the list.

Thank YOU for walking along beside me. Your kind act of reading my words gives me a strength that you will never know!


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