Saturday, 4 April 2015

The Eagles have landed!

Today was my best pain day so far since the surgery. Just in time too because family from Calgary and Scotland has arrived!

Lizzy had a big big smile for Grandma at the airport.

And so did Gary and Heather!

Brent and Joannie arrived in time to buy a crokinole board and sample some treats at the stockyards.

When they got here we wanted to go for a little walk and invited Harry.

But just like yesterday he declined.

So we went round on our own, testing out my new selfie stick along the way. So happy to see these people!

Here's me looking for the button on the handle:

The selfie stick was purchased in the aid of helping me keep track of the state of my "selfie" but no ones to say we can't have fun with it too :-)

Not only did Broannie share yummy treats from the stockyards they brought me flowers too!


Looking out the window I'm not sure if it's Christmas or Easter Sushi we're having tomorrow!

Harry has been heavily into iPad games lately.

He's pretty sure he can squish the bug around back.

There should be no shortage of pictures after tomorrow what with a big family day and the return of my roving camera!


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