Friday, 26 April 2013

A longer leash

So back to a regular none event blogging day. In fact my sister Anne suggested I might want to change the name of my blog and I think she's got something there. Time to move on from those three surgeries. Not sure what I'll call it. My Boring But Happy Day?

Anyway here are my pictures of the hail storm yesterday.

Some of the best pictures happened after the sun came out again.

Today I tried out a green cord for Harrison for when he's just hanging around the porch. Turns out it was too short. I didn't realize that he knew exactly how far he could go with the red leash.

Then I had a genius idea and hooked the two together.

Wow that blew his little furry mind! He could go so much further! Very very exciting for a porch cat because...

he can reach the bird feeder in the flower bed now!

Watch out buddy!


  1. Nice pictures! I heard there was a hail storm but we didn't get it in Elmira.That's a good day when you get a longer leash! Your 'leash' is getting longer too as your knee gets better and better!

  2. how about 'Ruthe's Truths'?
    or 'Ruthe and Nail'?
    or 'Scream It From the Ruthetops'?