Sunday, 14 April 2013


Today was the day to pack up and head home. I cannot stress enough how grateful I am to the Schlueter's for their loving care. I had A LOT if stuff at Karen and Mike's and they patiently loaded everything up and we celebrated spring with ice cream.

Soon we were at Henry's to pick up Harry.

Mostly Harry needed to head back inside cause he needed to use his litter box. Silly boy won't pee outside. Thank you so much to the Uncle Henry & Aunt Marcia Kitty Bed and Breakfast!

Harrison must have known he was going home though because he didn't cry once in the car.

Karen and the kids faithfully put everything away and got me all settled in. Harrison has moved back and forth between cuddling and ignoring me, he's still not quite done trying to make a point that I should never do this again. I figure we'll be all good by tomorrow.

Everything that happened in the past three weeks is still kind of a blur for me. Thanks for following along with the ride. I've been going through birthday cards and get well cards and sympathy cards. Thanks so much to all of you. My friend Pari who is very good at choosing cards totally outdid herself with this one.

I don't know why mom had to suffer for so many years like she did but I do know that "All that love could do was done." Everything we could think of to make her life better was done. Everything that I needed to say to her was said. That's not something that everyone gets.

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