Monday, 22 April 2013


Super fun day. Pari's birthday so we headed here for lunch:

How much do I love that she had to duck her head way down so I could get this picture?

As you can see Pari is a very good sport!

The new physio people didn't call again today so I just want ahead and did my walk. Today Harrison came along for the first time. Apparently we have reached weather nice enough for a cat to go on a walk. And as you can see really enjoy himself.

We got all the way around to the back to settle down and stare at our favorite yard for an hour.

Our heart shaped branch is still there.

And totally treed a chipmunk!!

We fell in love with another lamp post

I had to rattle the lobster trap until the chippy ran out and up his usual drainpipe

Special effects added by the sun

Then we came in and celebrated a great walk by luxuriating in all our birthday tissue paper.

Up from 6:51. Headed in the right direction!

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