Thursday, 18 April 2013

First physiotherapy appointment

I was disappointed last night not to be able to go swimming. I just have about a half inch left in my wound that needs to heal. I had that all carefully covered with waterproof Band-Aids but they came off before I got in the pool so I didn't go in. Probably for the best anyway. Surely I can wait one more week for something this important!

I was going to walk over to my first physio appointment but happily Karen stopped by and was kind enough to drive me over and come to the appointment with me.

The physiotherapist was very nice. His name was something like Vladimeer or possibly Valdemar. Too bad I didn't dislike him or I could call him Lord Voldemort. We'll see how it goes, for now I'll call him Vlad.

Mostly I will be seeing his assistant who will come to my house two or three times a week.

Vlad was very surprised at my leg strength this close to surgery, only 3 weeks out, and also to hear that I used to have -45 degree contracture. That felt good to know someone in the field understands how far I've come.

I think he was surprised at how casual things were with my previous physiotherapist. He said they would want to see my sheet of exercises and I said that doesn't really exist, she just told me to do what we did after the last surgery and watched me to make sure I was doing it right. At the end of the day what it comes down to quite simply is that I need to straighten the leg. Then he wanted to know what strength of band I was using. i.e. what color of stretchy therapy band. And I had to tell him I was using the Aberdeen FC scarf that Heather and Gary gave me.

It's been working just fine, but apparently I will be getting a more professional orange band at my first physio appointment next week. Ha!

I wonder if they give out more professional ice packs too?

Kinda proud that I've gone from one minute on the ankle roll (my most painful stretch) to...

Anyway things are going well, I managed to write my first article since the surgery and that feels good too.

Also don't forget that I am the mighty:

I know it sounds like I'm bragging but I'm just really happy to be able to do all of these things. It still really hurts because the muscles have to get used to the change but that's okay, I know that will get better. The difference is that this time I have an actual working joint and it feels to me like this guy is the limit. Actually, Siri, I would like to say that it feels to me like the SKY is the limit!

Speaking of the sky it was a little dark today.

But that's okay too because it's not snow.

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