Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Happy Me Day

My birthday started with a visit to the CPAP folks to swap out my temporary machine for a new temporary one. I didn't ask I just smiled and nodded. It was my first time outside of the house since last Sunday and it was very psychedelic to see the sun again.

The visit to town was made worth while by having lunch with Pari and Nicole. Lunch was pretty psychedelic too.

I accused them of buying me an upside down card. Well yes it is upside down until you turn it the right side up.

This is the Fireside's idea of an individual serving lasagna. I did not make much headway.

We got a special treat at kitchen Kuttings on the way home and a whack more drugs from the pharmacy.

Emily could hardly wait till Caleb got home from wrestling to give presents but she did.

The best part of her gift was the card

What a sweet girl.

Karen served up a surprise.

Then Caleb gave me the gift that he worked on till late into the night last night. It's a game not sure what it's name is, but I wrote down the rules because I knew I would forget:

A= money
B= protection
C= training facilities
D on top of B's to put out soldiers - upgrade

T & soldier can take down a B

E soldier putting one takes a turn - moves

Buy Orange thing catches Bs sends back to base. Costs 4 As

Orange things can steal things but costs 3 turns

Blue things cost 3 turns

6 e's buys ultra b - red on black

Emily made my moves for me.

Turns out I lost but I don't mind. The sincerity of it all and the way he tried to keep me in the game makes my heart melt.

Thanks everyone for a super awesome day!

Off to see what the surgeon has to say tomorrow.

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  1. Does that mean a trip to London tomorrow... without me... I guess I didn't stick around to see how it turns out, but I sure hope he gives you a good report.

    Looks like you had a very good day.
    Love you, ML