Saturday, 27 April 2013

I wonder

Today I bought a new microwave cause last night my old one went out in flames. Unless there was metal in the microwave popcorn that I was trying to pop, its lifespan was over.

I also bought this because I'm hoping to get to go swimming with Cooper soon!


Tomorrow is my newest great niece's baptism. Little Bethany Melinda who was born the day of my mom's funeral.

I keep waiting to be hit by mom's loss and maybe I will be, my life has been crazy for the past few weeks. But what I still feel the most is relief that she is no longer in the situation that she was. It amazes me that if I believe she is in heaven, then she no longer has Alzheimer's. And I wonder if she would be happy or angry with how I have handled everything since she had Alzheimer's. I hope that in all my movies I treated her with as much dignity as possible. I hope that I did not treat her in a childish way but rather simply showed how child-like she became and that I met her at the exact place where she lived.

Harrison says that spring is here...

but it's also still time to be intense.

Well I haven't done the leg stretch for a few days but I must be doing other things right because I went from 11 minutes to here!

Good night

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  1. what matters is you made your movies/photos/posts from a place of love and respect. I'm sure Grandma is pleased with all the ways her children cared for her in the end! (not to mention the way you offer each other things as significant as bone marrow....)