Friday, 19 April 2013


Today I had lunch with my niece Deborah. Always so great to spend time with her. She took me over to the CPAP place to see if it was working correctly. I've been waking up gasping for air, either that or I'm dreaming I'm waking gasping for air. Not sure which it is. Anyway the machine tested fine and I've got a fancy new head strap to make sure I keep my mouth closed which might be the problem.

There was a break in the clouds this afternoon so I got out for a walk. Again Harrison didn't get any further than the porch. It was too windy for him. I made it halfway around the building today which is pretty cool. First time I've walked more than a quarter of the way around in about a year.

This bird sure looks like a plane.

This is my first time taking pictures of the moon.

Well the mystery of my physiotherapists name is solved. I asked my friend Dora who attends the wellness centre and she got all giggly and girly and said that his name is Vasily. And furthermore she informed us, he has exquisite hands. Apparently he's a massage therapist as well. This is the look she got her face every time we said the word Vasily:

One time she got all bothered by losing the hand of cards and all we had to do was say Vasily and everything was fine again. So cute. Apparently you're never too old to have crushes.

Trying out a new app today that allows you to put one picture on top of another one.

Today I used a bigger ankle roll and only got five minutes. Gotta keep it real.

Harrison still hasn't totally forgiven me for leaving him for so long but we're getting closer every day.

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  1. That's so cute about Dora! (But I maintain that his name is Waldemar, or something like that, but pronounced with a V!)