Friday, 12 April 2013

I walk the line

Quite an ice storm these days. We are grateful to have power again now as most of the street does not.

This morning I took my view from this:

Out on the porch to see this:

I'm excited cause I'm up and down the hall quite a bit with just a cane. I would say I'm putting equal weight on the leg for the first time since I was 18. It feels a bit like a Wonderland ride. Also I found out the good news today that I qualify for physio at the gym at Sunnyside just across the way from me. That was unexpected and awesome as I can just walk over.

This morning Emily brought me my breakfast and a warm sleepy kitty.

They have good service around here. Nevertheless I'm heading home on Sunday. I'll always be grateful for the love I receive here. You can't help but heal.

Whiskers was QUITE concerned about me testing out my cpap machine. I can't imagine why! Eventually he backed quietly away and made a strategic retreat.

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