Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Physio & Cooper

Today I met with a jolly nice lady named Bobby from the physiotherapy department at the wellness center. She's a little afraid of Harrison who was of course ultra friendly as he always is when people do not make eye contact with him. Not making eye contact is super polite in the cat world which is unfortunate for people that don't like cats. I wish I could tell all cat haters/fearers just say hello and look directly at him and he'll leave you alone - try to ignore him and the next thing you know he'll be sitting on your lap.

Anyway she's very nice and will be coming Monday Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the afternoon. I showed her what I have been doing with my cow pillow and Aberdeen scarf...

and she thought it was good. I did not get my orange therapy band as promised. The reason being I'm not really getting all that much more extension from my scarf as I am doing it with my own muscles and that's a good thing.

They are adding a few things which are mostly controlled standing to help with balance. I think that is super because I have been leaning forward and limping for so many years. It's important to learn how to stand up straight and have a strong core.

At first she had me stand with my weight only on my left leg which was absolutely no challenge as I've been standing exclusively on that leg for years and years and years. And years. Then she asked me to try to stand on my right (surgery) leg just as much as I was able. It was a real miracle moment as I could do it with only minimal pain and minimal leaning on my rollator. Very cool feeling!

I need to practice mindful walking as well. Heel toel heel toe heel toe. Not hobble - as - fast - as - you - can - so - you - can - sit - the - heck - down - again.

Tomorrow I hope to finally nail down the mystery of the Russian name of my physiotherapist. Dora had thought it was Vasely but today Bobby said something that sounded a lot more like Valdimor. It occurs to me that I could simply ask.

Hey guess who came for a visit this afternoon?

Dana and Cooper!!!!

Harrison was happy to turtle for his little buddy that he met when he was at uncle Henry and aunt Marcia's house.

Harrison got right silly. Showing off for Dana and actually biting her a little bit. Not sure what that was all about. So many visitors!

I said I missed you little guy and Cooper turned around to look at me.

Dana's necklace is actually a teething ring. How cool is that?

Dana's chin could also be a teething ring, But I think this is actually Mama love.

And while I'm showing pictures of pure love here is my nephew print with the lovely Sara. That would be Brent not print Siri. Aaaw.

Today's leg stretch. Up from 8:08.


  1. i'm honoured to have my face in such an all-around happy post! Hurray for new loves and new knees!

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  4. There's lots of Aunt Ruthe love there too <3

  5. where there's Aunt Ruthe, there's love!