Saturday, 20 April 2013

Augie day

Great day with friends. We braved the April snow…

and went to Guelph to the Keurig Wunzees store.

It's so cool you just grab a little basket and pick out the flavors that you want.

The best thing is that you're allowed to actually brew one of the coffee or teas to see how you like it for free. I had German chocolate cake coffee!

I don't have Keurig machine but I bought a few for when I go to people's houses that do. I'll be all set for poker night at my brother's house.

We went to a few other stores but the best part is that we got some Augie doggie time!

Augie has a new raincoat.

And a new chicken to go with his pirate chicken. It was hard to choose.

So he played with both.

Augie has what is called a cherry eye. Poor little guy will need to have surgery to correct it. But it doesn't hurt him, it just needs to be fixed so that it will not get infected.

Augie had lots of love to give as usual.


But I think he liked my shoes just as much as my sweaty shopping face. He came trotting in the room with my shoe just as proudly as a cat with a mouse.

This is the wreath on Augies front door. Isn't it beautiful? I think it speaks of spring which is going to come someday isn't it?

Isn't it?

Today's leg stretch:

Five minutes more than yesterday but on a slightly smaller roll so it doesn't really count. We'll see if I can do better tomorrow. Lots of walking today though so that's good.

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