Thursday, 11 April 2013

I cane do it!

Who had a good day?

Kinda same old stuff but the big thing is that I discovered that I can walk fine with just a cane. I have to think real hard while I do it or I hobble but I can do it. Exactly two weeks from having the surgery I can walk with a cane.

Sheena queen of physio taught Karen how to push down on my knee to extend my flattening and recommended I keep up with the pain meds so I can get this work done. Now is the time to let the leg know who's boss and that its NOT going back to a 45 degree contracture.

Whiskers had some more bird call training.

He enjoyed the turkey call but preferred smaller birds. More in his price range.

Time for a new pedicure! Warning wound shot ahead.

Sorry bout that but. It looks real good. Have some cookies:

From my friend Johanna:

Took a while but I only saw three :^)

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