Monday, 29 April 2013

Where's Chippy?

What Harrison does not want me to tell you is that…

in every one of the above pictures there was a chipmunk running back and forth behind him.

I am just about as bright as Harrison because I thought an iPod could take a picture of a running chipmunk.

Nevertheless I did want you to see how cute it is that Harrison goes into stealth mode when I make the chippy chippy chippy sound. We are quite a team.

Finally the chipmunk took mercy on us and ran around in front of him.

It lives to tease.

Can you still find the bird?

No bird here that I know of.

Yes please Karen:

I wrote an article today that actually kinda helped my nephew Brent who is planning a wedding with his lovely fiancé Joannie. Who knew my blathering would actually take root?

It was a tough article to write because I had already written on the topic and so it was a challenge to find new words. Took me over a week but I did it!

Last night I dreamed that I was getting married, can't imagine why!

Physiotherapist lady was here again today. She comes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Bit of a challenge to find new things to talk about. But we manage. I asked for stretches for my back as it feels a bit iffy. It always gets a bit wonky when my gait changes. And my gait has certainly changed!

I went back to the medium-sized roll for my leg stretch. The large one with a can of tomato juice in the middle freaked out my thigh muscles.

Good night

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  1. Oh yeah, I am TOTALLY making that macaroni salad!