Friday, 5 April 2013

So close and yet so far

Even though I am in Elmira I am happily planning not to be anywhere near the maple syrup festival tomorrow.

Still waiting anxiously to hear what the solution to my niece in law's blood clot condition will be. Hoping to get her home soon to her family including this little sweet heart.

My other niece in law who has baby Rebekah had a successful gallbladder removal today and we're grateful for that. It's been a tough couple of weeks for the new moms in our family.

My friend Grace continues to do well after her stem cell transplant. She's been released from hospital but has to go down often for check ups.

It was wonderful to have some friends over to Karen's tonight for a chat.

And I have my iPad back so I can start writing again when I am ready.

Seem to have picked up a fairly aggressive cough so my not be ready to write again right away.

My sister Anne and her husband Leonard are on a trip to Scotland to visit my niece and her husband.

Looks like they're going to have a blast.

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