Monday, 15 April 2013

First walk

Things are getting back to normal here. We had to go for a walk because it was so nice.

Harry only wanted to stick around close to home so I left him behind and went for my own walk.

Maybe I am being a little low-key about the fact that I just went on my normal walk two and a half weeks after getting a whole new knee. I'm still on strong painkillers but needing less all the time. This is the time to make use of painkillers to try to get my leg is straight as possible but at the same time I'm careful to keep reducing them as well. Ice is my friend.

I was also able to play cards tonight for two full games and I would have to say that I had, if anything, less pain then I used to. I just needed to stand up and walk around every once in a while. Trust me on this, standing up and walking around for a while has NEVER been the cure for pain in the past! This is very exciting. I called the physio people across the way and I will meet with them for the first time on Thursday. I will probably walk over which should blow their minds.

Here's Alice thinking about how she can win her quarter back from me.

Dora just got a brand-new red scooter and hearing aids so she is raring to go!

We had a bit of a kerfuffle tonight while we were playing, a bit of name-calling, but it's all ironed out now. Don't let Bea's smile fool you, there is an Iron Lady in there!

Whatever Alice was thinking about work because she won the top prize from me!


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