Saturday, 13 April 2013

Big trip

Took an adventurous trip down stairs tonight. I intended to surprise everyone by appearing down there but I actually got surprised because they weren't down there. They were suitably impressed however when they returned from the store.

And so I had my first movie night downstairs here for the first time in years. So awesome to do something so ordinary.

I'm still doing the steps one step at a time, but I can tell it won't be long before I want to do them the ordinary way.

Karen says that she can even hear that my gait is better when I walk down the hall.

Heading home tomorrow. We'll see what adventures that brings. Can't wait to see my big boy. He's looking in little too comfortable at my brothers house.

But I am super grateful that he has felt so content and at home. Certainly one less thing to worry about.

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