Sunday, 26 January 2014

Books and baths and bad taste at the end

Cooper and his grandpa have a Saturday tradition of going to the library and Henry was kind enough to share the photos.

Love this picture:

It'll be quite an antique picture by the time he's my age. His grandchildren will be amazed.

I bet those are the same shelves that held my beloved Black Stallion books that I read over and over. Didn't cry a lot when I was a kid but I did after I got home when the librarian, thinking she was giving me a treat, told me I should from now on use the adult library upstairs.

To this day I read kids books as well as adult literature. It's become quite the style to read young adult books like Harry Potter and Hunger Games. But you're missing a heck of a lot of fun if you don't go even younger than that.

Go on, get them on your phone or computer through your library. The App's called Overdrive. You just need a current library card from any library and you're set. No late fines!!

Start with The Genius Files and Alvin Ho and Stick Dog and The Year of the Book. Your inner child and funny bone will thank you.

Speaking of taking a child for a spin. Little miss rag doll had a bit of an "I've been well cared for but nevertheless in an attic for quite a few years" aura about her so she needed to sink or swim.

It all turned out ok :) I promise you I'm not arranging the hands and paws, just happens from proximity.


Also if you read as many books about Helen Keller when you were a kid as I did you'd know she would've had a good laugh about this.


  1. I've never laughed so hard as I did when I was the Helen Keller Meme. Thanks for starting my Monday of with fun.

  2. Ruthe I've copied that popcorn recipe to share with my daughter..... hope that's ok?

  3. You're welcome Melanie and absolutely Sherri!