Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bubble head

If you saw this on my Facebook wall you knew it would burn a hole in my brain till I tried:

That's a screen shot, click here to see more of Angela Kelly's awesome pictures.

I had totally resigned myself to just take a few pictures from the warmer side of the window.

And indeed my exercise today was doing laundry and walking the hall. (And lest I come across as a exercise goody two shoes, I'll have you know that Saturday and Sunday I did absolutely nothing.)

Even did a few steps the right way. Down is much harder than up.

But the most fun was mixing some distilled water and dish soap and stepping outside.

So yeah, not exactly the same results. The bigger bubbles burst immediately. Who cares? My tiny bubbles were pretty hardy and I could move them around at will.

My whisk bubble wand.

I finally burst the bigger bubble on the whisk handle and it kind of broke like glass.

My little cheer leader urged me to come inside.

Gone but not forgotten:


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