Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Beach!!

This summer when I was in "fun in the sun" picture overload I left some photos unlooked at for winter days just like this. I am a smart cookie!

This is August 21 2013 at Goderich.

Hitler showed up uninvited.

I was mostly in the water so I have no idea who took these pictures. It's pretty wonderful to have a group of kids that I know will handle my camera with respect and care. They know the one rule is to put the neck strap on and don't run. I guess that's two :)

Watch out Karen!

Gordon commits!

I wasn't taking the pictures but I was still directing I guess.

Telling Annette to face the camera probably.

We did get Deb in the water once, she's more about the sun than the cold water.

Mother and daughter. My sister Anne and niece Deborah.

Honorary nephew Jacob a little bored but mostly needing to stay out of the sun. He gets his translucent skin honestly.

Open wide please:

Have you been flossing?

I had taken lots of pictures of Ava and Olivia on the swings the week before so it was Emily's turn:

Spotted on the drive home:

I feel warmer already!

Off to Hamilton tomorrow for a well baby appointment at the cancer center. Really nice to go there and not be worried about anything! More importantly Karen and I are on a mission to get more sushi at the store went to last time.

Can't wait!


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