Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Close to home

I feel really well having come off my pain meds, I'm just waiting for my tummy to accept the change. So today I had to call off my red bird hunt and walk within the triangle vortex of available washrooms in the nearby buildings. I'm not convinced the neighbours on the street next to the bird feeder want me knocking on their door. TMI I suppose but hey it's my blog.

Mostly I sat in the beautiful sun and soaked in the vitamin D. Then I did my real walking later on the treadmill.

Heat wave!

Harry maintains his optimism that there's gonna be cat nip in this pot.

And today he made it three quarters of the way across the lawn!

He's not happy about it but he's trying.

It called for a big nap!

Been playing with an app called Juxtaposer. You can clean up a part of a picture once and make a stamp that can be re-used anywhere.

When I thought about writing a little elf book I realized that I still have lots of people I can write stories for even if mom is gone. Might have to wait a bit and see if it freaks Cooper out to be in odd places or if he accepts it as fun. He's so analytical. I'll have to make a Graycee stamp too.

I have a lot of background pictures to use!

Caleb was chilling out too:



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