Monday, 20 January 2014

Story Book Garden

Today was a fake muskrat hat day for sure. I guess it's going to get really cold again.

I tried out a new fitness app called RunKeeper. At first I was pretty excited when it told me I'd walked 1.5 km when I had gone halfway but then I got home and saw this:

Walking back should have doubled the distance plus also I didn't have my cat with me and while I don't walk a straight line, I also don't walk this much of a drunken route unless Harry is having a banner day changing his mind about which way he wants to chase chipmunks.

Oh well I'll try it one more time tomorrow around the building if the sidewalks permit.

Not a lot of new things to take pictures of today, the animals were quite sensibly in their nests, but oh my goodness if you look at it in terms of background for an elf book it opens up a whole new world!

Who left this trail?

What salty giant left this? Is he friendly?

Elf intercom?

There are no wrong answers so chime in anytime. We're writing a story here people and you're in on the ground floor!

I'll make a stamp of side kick Graycee tomorrow.

Proud of Harry for coming out even for a bit. He had questions of his own about who made these foot prints in his garden.

For sure wasn't him!



  1. Cuuuute!
    Loved the elf video, by the way. I like that effect still photos when you slowly move to a different part of the frame.

  2. *...effect ON still photos...*