Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Swim team

Today was great. Harry and I tried out a new app called Human to Cat. We made a little movie, you can see it here.

He found a new hideout too.

Tonight was a special rib and swim night because Mike could join us. After 13 years of working afternoons he has graduated to the day shift!

The Flintstones would have been proud!

It was such a good feeling to be back in the water!

Some new dive toys that make it easier for me to get them. I'm still trying to remember that I can kick now.

Pretty sure this will never happen for me:

Emily's dance teacher is going to be proud of how limber she is getting!

I came within a hair of asking a complete stranger to get in a picture with Karen and the kids because I didn't have my glasses on but when Mike bravely left the sauna (Poor guy hasn't had the years of winter swimming we have) he joined them instead :)

Welcome Mike!

Nice to have a cuddle cat to warm me up tonight.


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