Monday, 27 January 2014

Look up, look way up

I am flat out tired. Up at 7 am on 3 hours of sleep to go for an exciting blood test at Grand River Hospital. And by exciting I mean not exciting in the slightest.

It was really bright and sunny when I got home so I broke out the Mark's work warehouse coat and went for it.

I don't know who this nameless internet - look how cold it is in Canada email man or woman is, but this is what I should've had to get from the door to the sidewalk.

It's the kind of gadget my dad would've loved to invent.

It just meant that I had to walk on the driveway instead of sidewalks.

Elf-fransisco bridge?

The mark's coat is a lot warmer than the Staypuft coat and with the fake muskrat hat I was actually toasty warm. Ladies if you want to be warm buy a men's coat.

You think they'd make the warmer coats for people that sometimes wear pantyhose.

I guess if you don't have much inspiration for pictures look up.

The great thing about flags is that they are very unselfconscious and give you lots of poses.


Poor Harry, didn't want to go out either door today.

He did want to register a protest that the iPad was on his side of the chair.

Two things. I don't really let him bite these things, he's more threatening to gum it than anything else. Secondly, you should really consider watching the TV show Sherlock. I downloaded a free month of Netflix just to watch it.

Liking it better than Downton Abby.


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