Thursday, 30 January 2014

Two days

Not many pictures yesterday but fun non the less. It was rib/swim night.

Harrison has discovered sleeping under the blanket. Pretty sure he wishes he could turn the heat up but he's not the one with the hot flashes.

I gave Karen a start out of the corner of her eye after swimming last night. With my mom like kerchief and puffy coat.

I did not start wearing hats until I was 50 but now I wear them with a vengeance.

It was a balmy -7° today! Windchill was only like -12 or 15.

The squirrels were out playing full force. They are still fat and happy. I put most of my squirrel pictures in this movie But here are a few.

Someday you'll see why I take the same pictures every time I go by these roses. I don't really know myself so it'll be fun to find out. It's quite startling to see earlier pictures of them.

Harry and I got the tissue paper out but...

Turns out he wanted to go outside.

Only one spike showing...

And sadly no cat nip has sprouted due to the warmer weather.

He's still got faith in spring.


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