Sunday, 12 January 2014

Getting outside

Today's walk was more of an act of will than usual. I've taken myself off the last of my pain meds going on 48 hours now. Even though I did it very slowly over the last months there was still a point where I had to jump off and yesterday sucked. I've needed pain relief for one reason or another for many years now and I'm not ashamed of that but I think I'm at a point now where extra strength Tylenol might do it. We'll see.

Going off pain meds usually amps up pain, stomach and sleep problems but today was better than yesterday even though the Denver Broncos won and the other games were boring :)

Harry waved a cheerful good bye as I set out and the sun was nice.

Had to be a little careful on the sidewalks but they were mostly clear.

Someone lost his head in the thaw.

Harry enjoyed his porch walk

And napping the whole rest of the day.


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