Friday, 10 January 2014

Break out

Today when I stepped outside for a minute to gauge the slippery sidewalk factor Mr Harry stepped on out of his own accord. I guess he's got cabin fever and he could tell it wasn't so cold anymore.

I wasn't worried that he'd take off without his harness on and sure enough he didn't go far.

It was funny because he walked in deeper snow than he normally would have.

On the way back he kind of got stuck. It was pretty funny. You can see it here.

Much to his chagrin he didn't get a treat or his feet warmed when he came in because it was in unauthorized walk.

The sidewalks were pretty good, just had to be a little careful out back.

I saw Mr Red and friend today! They were really close but pretty deep in the bush so no clear shots.

The rose sisters hang on!

I caught up with some great ladies who were making a snowman and snow angels. This is my friend Betty and her adorable grand daughter.

I think the snow man might have been a T. Rex what with the short pine needle arms.

Harry and I did a proper porch walk when I got back complete with treat and footie warming when we got in.

Good Night


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